Barz Optics

Nearsighted? Farsighted? Would it be nice to have your reading glasses from time to time when looking at the chartplotter by the helm? In addition to its standard polarized sunglasses line, Barz Optics offers sunglasses and swim goggles that can accommodate a wide range of eye conditions, allowing sailors to see as well on deck as they do back on land—and look good doing it.

The company’s polarized bifocals are an especially clever solution for those of us who, with the passage of the years, find it harder and harder to make that switch from scanning one’s surroundings to looking down at a chartplotter when piloting a tricky approach. It may sound crazy, but they worked great during a catamaran charter this past winter in the Whitsunday Islands.

Despite their practical nature, the specs are not the least bit clunky or clinical looking, so you will still be just as cool as those young’uns blessed with 20-20 vision! For more on Barz Optics eyewear, visit

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