Sailing Gear

Having the right kind of gear aboard a sailboat is essential, not only to its performance, but the safety of the crew. With this in mind, SAIL not only reviews a wide variety of equipment, including foul weather gear, life jackets, sails, rope, electronics, paints and spars, but recognizes the very best of the best every year through its Pittman Innovation Awards.

The author is all smiles testing his lastest gadget

Electronics and Navigation

Smartphone Apps for Electric Outboards

I declared my love for the Torqeedo 1003 electric outboard in 2011, and the feeling has only deepened after two seasons of extensive testing. Despite a glitch or two, the motor has run like a top. Recently, the system also gained a very cool new accessory that has only made it all the better. The Read More


Apparel and Accessories

Gear Review: Bikes Onboard

One of the best parts of arriving in a new port of call is the opportunity to go exploring—whether you’re looking for a place to get some food and drink, a secluded beach where you can kick back or somewhere to provision for the next leg of your journey. And what better way to do all that than by bicycle? Read More


Engines and Systems

Gear Review: Hi-Speed Folding Propellers from EWOL

The Hi-Speed line of folding propellers from EWOL is for boats that sail fast, whether you do it with two hulls or one. The propellers are designed to keep their center of thrust aft and thus create a “fin effect” that keeps the propeller in a feathered position in most any conditions Read More


Sailing Gear

Gear for Oceangoing Cruisers

The 28th ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) finished up in St. Lucia in mid December, and a stroll around the docks at the IGY Rodney Bay Marina yielded some interesting sights. Not least among them was the number of general-purpose production cruisers that weren’t specifically built or marketed as ocean boats Read More