Sailing Gear

Having the right kind of gear aboard a sailboat is essential, not only to its performance, but the safety of the crew. With this in mind, SAIL not only reviews a wide variety of equipment, including foul weather gear, life jackets, sails, rope, electronics, paints and spars, but recognizes the very best of the best every year through its Pittman Innovation Awards.


Electronics and Navigation

Gear: Ceecoach Communication

Can You Hear Me Now? “Okay, let go. Depth is fifteen feet.” “I can’t hear you.” “I SAID LET GO!” “What? Speak up!” If that sounds familiar, you’re the typical husband-and-wife crew trying to anchor on a windy afternoon. Trying to make yourself heard from 35 or 40ft away can be near-impossible in some situations, Read More



Gear: Switlik’s MOM 8-S

Throw your MOM Overboard A crew-overboard scenario is about the worst thing that happen to a sailor. You need to act quickly and decisively to keep tabs on the victim, circle back to them, and get them back onboard. In other words, you need something like Switlik’s MOM 8-S, a smaller, soft-packed version of the Read More


Apparel and Accessories

Gear: Sperry’s 7 Seas Deck Shoes

NOT JUST FOR KICKS You know it’s time for new deck shoes when 1) your feet start to slip on board and 2) even the dog gives them a wide berth. Sperry’s new 7 Seas line could bring you back into Rover’s good graces and keep you secure on deck too. The four distinct styles Read More


Apparel and Accessories

Gear: Patagonia Swimwear

KEEPING THE PIECE While two-piece bathing suits are an easy go-to, a one-piece bathing suit that you can swim, dive, surf or paddle in is a necessity when you are engaging in outdoor water activities where losing your top is not an option. Patagonia’s one-piece Kupala swimsuit keeps you covered and looking cool while also Read More


Electronics and Navigation

Gear: Navisafe SUP, Dinghy and Kayak Light

LET THERE BE LIGHT Summer evenings in crowded anchorages or mooring fields are part and parcel of the coastal cruising life, and there is always some activity after dark as stragglers arrive or cruisers run to shore and back in their dinghies. It’s only common sense (and also the law) to have the proper lights Read More


Books and DVDs

Book Review: Knot for Sailors Only by Bill Harmon

In this comprehensive collection of short stories and poems, lifelong sailor Bill Harmon reveals how time spent on the water can affect time spent on land. With three decades of sailing experience, he has no shortage of adventures to share. Through Harmon’s original writings on lessons of life inspired by the seas and oceans of Read More


Maintenance and DIY

Gear: Pettit’s SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment

Good as Gold There are sailors who like to spend hours lovingly tending their brightwork, and there are sailors who don’t. Pettit’s new SeaGold Satin Wood Treatment should please both camps. It’s a blend of UV-stable resins, pigments and UV inhibitors that can be cleaned up with soap and water, and can be applied over Read More


Electronics and Navigation

Gear: Raymarine AXIOM

IT’S AN AXIOM Raymarine’s newest line of multifunction displays come equipped with the company’s proprietary Lighthouse 3 operating system, quad core processors and RealVision 3D sonar capability. The 7in, 9in and 12in Axiom MFDs are super-fast all-glass units that will slot handily into the spaces left by the older Raymarine equipment they’ll be replacing. They Read More


Maintenance and DIY

Gear: MagicEzyUV Shield

Clear Sighted There’s nothing more annoying than peering through a salt-smeared or cloudy dodger window. MagicEzyUV Shield is a water-based polymer that’s claimed to clean and protect glass, acrylic, vinyl and plastic from UV damage, and also repel rain and salt for up to three months per application. It comes in a spray bottle that Read More


Sailing Gear

Gear: PYI’s Seaview Cable Glands

Hole Saver It’s an unfortunate fact of boat ownership that adding goodies like solar panels, antennae and so on means we often need to drill holes in our beloved vessels to get the cables belowdecks. This is when you need something like PYI’s Seaview cable glands to prevent rainwater and salt spray from finding their Read More