Footloose Tunes: A review of Barefoot Davis’ CD

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By David Schmidt

It’s not often that sailors also make their marks as musicians, but Caribbean local Davis Murray has achieved this feat with the release of his pre-release demo CD, Barefoot Davis (ISW Records). The album, which Murray self-describes as “country Caribbean” has obvious influences including Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet, but with plenty of originality and true sailor saltiness (read: soaked with rum and sunshine) that gives the album an authentic feel. Murray’s lyrics, while mostly upbeat and jovial, also reveal some of the lesser-known truths about island living. Plenty of steel drums, guitar riffs – country western, R&B, and reggae – and good vibes lace the four-track release. While the disc may not destined for the Top 10 list at major radio stations, this debut album makes a nice addition to any boat’s musical library or sailor’s iPod. Check out Murray’s website at

It should also be noted that Murray himself is a serious offshore sailor, helping to run the yearly Caribbean 1500 rally, and having logged many offshore miles. Murray is also internationally respected as a preparer for ocean-racing boats.

Posted: October 18, 2007

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