Secure the jibsheets

If you furl your headsail when sailing off the wind, there’s a good chance the sheets will get in the way when you’re either peeling the spinnaker or taking it down. That’s why the bowman should always tie them down, out of the way, with a sail tie. When the spinnaker is up and the jib is furled, have the trimmers ease the jibsheets enough so they can be led to the base of the furler, where a sail tie can be wrapped around the sheets, the furler base, and, if possible, the forestay. Snug the tie and secure it with a reef knot.

When the sheets are properly secured, they will run down the surface of the furled jib to the tie and then lead aft along the deck to the genoa cars; this ensures the foredeck is clear when the chute is up. Remember to remove the tie before pulling on the jibsheet to reset the headsail.

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