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I’ll never forget the time I epoxied my wristwatch to my arm and shirt cuff. Oh, how I laughed—not. Then there was the time I neglected to clean resin off my hands before it kicked, and spent the next week walking around with flakes of it peeling off my skin like something out of the Mummy’s Revenge.

My tales of woe are obviously not unusual, for WEST SYSTEM has just introduced a new line of protective creams and clothing. The 831 Protective Skin Cream ($8.64) can be used under the 832 disposable gloves ($5.18/4-pack), which are made from neoprene instead of latex and are more puncture-resistant than run-of-mill throwaway gloves. I like the idea of the 838 Sleeves ($5.92/4-pack), which have elastic tops and cuffs and are great for smaller jobs that don’t require all-over protection like that afforded by the 836 olefin coverall ($12.88), which is tough enough to be re-used. West System:

Mold Destroyer

After we laid our project boat up in October, I gave all the interior surfaces a wipe down with Moldaway. Not that there were many signs of the dreaded mildew, except in a couple of poorly ventilated lockers, but I think prevention beats the cure. This powdered cleaner ($12.98) is bleach- and chlorine-free so you can use it on fabrics, carpets, vinyl linings, woods, and sails. The accompanying scrubbing brush ($7.35) is shaped so that it can get into the oddly shaped corners that abound on most boats. Shurhold

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