Keeping Connected: Communications for Cruisers Page 3


HF: High Frequency (between 3-30MHz)

SSB: Single Sideband
Ham radio: Amateur radio
Amtor: Amateur Teletype Over Radio—the first popular digital communication protocol for radio
Clover: A higher-speed HF protocol utilizing multiple-tone, phase-shift encoding
Pactor: The most recent protocol for transmitting digital data via radio
MBO: Mailbox station
DMB: Digital Mailbox
Winlink: A Windows program for MBOs that provides store-and-forward message handling via VHF packet, HF Amtor, Pactor, and Clover networks
Netlink: A program that provides a gateway between a WinLink MBO and Internet e-mail
MPDS: Mobile Packet Data Service—where you are charged only for the amount of data transmitted


Posted: November 13, 2007

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