Twin Pipes

Stan Stockdale of Palm Coast, Florida, asks:

“I am installing a generator on my Morgan 416. Space is at a premium in the engine room, and I’m curious to know whether you approve of combining the generator’s exhaust with the existing Perkins 4.154 exhaust line, perhaps by fabricating a Y-type device and putting an anti-siphon valve connector immediately in front of the existing muffler. Since I don’t want to drill more holes in the hull, can I also put a Y-connector on the water inlet and use it to feed the generator’s cooling system?”

Nigel Calder replies:

The answer is, yes, on the raw water intake, but no, on the exhaust. My concern with the exhaust setup you propose is that whenever there is a T or a Y connection in the exhaust, it can create a path for carbon monoxide to migrate back into the boat. A second and equally important issue is the potential for the engine in use to back-flood the idle engine with water.

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