Reconfiguring chargers for TPPLs

“I am curious how the Odyssey TPPL AGM batteries are working out on Nigel Calder’s new boat. I am thinking about putting TPPL AGM’s on my boat for all the reasons Calder gives. However, I wonder about how they might affect my charging system. I have a160-amp Balmar alternator and an 80-amp Yanmar. When I’m running the genset I use a Prosine 2.0 charger. Do I have to reconfigure the chargers for the TPPL profile?”

Vic Guyan, White Stone, Virginia

Nigel Calder replies: Although I haven’t had an opportunity to really push the Odyssey batteries hard, my initial observations are that they have very high charge-acceptance rates, which will drive charging devices to full continuous output for extended periods of time. The Balmar alternator is rated for this kind of continuous duty. Although the Yanmar might be worked hard, it should be able to take it. So will the Prosine. Factory testing so far indicates that a simple voltage-regulated charging program, with the voltage set to 14.4 volts, (a typical “wet cell” setting) works well in most applications.

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