Epoxy in a tube

Or two tubes, actually. One of the most useful items I used while prepping our project boat for a deck and cockpit makeover was a product called Flexpoxy, made by Pettit Paint. Flexpoxy comes in a double-tube package—one tube for resin, one for hardener. You insert them into the pump, squeeze some out, mix it together, and it’s ready to go.

Flexpoxy will bond just about anything to just about anything else. The beauty of it is that it is thixotropic–that is, it won’t sag or run. It also retains a deal of flexibility, which makes it ideal to use in jobs where a brittle glue would be unsuitable, such as bonding keels to hulls. I used it to bond wood to fiberglass, to fill screw holes and small dings in the cockpit sides and deck, and for any number of small gluing jobs that didn’t warrant mixing a pot of regular epoxy resin. You can overpaint it with just about anything, and even tint it with paint or stain.

My dual cartridge lasted me just over a year, and I finished it before it went hard. It was excellent value, at less than $50 at the time for a pistol pack, although you can buy it in small blister packs.

Pettit, pettitpaint.com

Now WEST SYSTEM has also introduced a two-part epoxy in a tube. Six10 is a gap-filling structural epoxy resin that also is sag-resistant, with a long working time. The resin and catalyst are both contained within a single tube and are mixed together in the proper ratio in a screw-on static mixing nozzle. Because the two parts don’t come into contact till they’re outside the tube, the tube will last through multiple applications. For small jobs, you can just squeeze out a small amount without using the mixing nozzle, and mix the two parts together with a stick.

Six10 is ideal for fillets and will bond masonry, wood, fiberglass, metal, and some plastics. Even though it is thick enough not to sag, it can also be used to wet out fiberglass cloth. It’s fully compatible with other WEST resins.

All in all, these are excellent products that will prove their worth time and time again to anyone embarking on a boat refit or repair. Flexpoxy can be bought for around $75 for a 450ml set, but you’ll also need a dispensing pistol. A blister pack is around $20. WEST SYSTEM’s Six10 cartridges retail for under $20 and you can use them in a regular caulking gun.

WEST SYSTEM, westsystem.com

Go Microfiber

I’ve become converted to microfiber cloth for polishing things like dodger windows, portlights and stainless steel. You can use them with just about any polishing compound and they’re resistant to most other chemicals. They seem to get rid of annoying little flaws better than cotton rag, and you can wash them and reuse them.

Shurhold is now selling microfiber towels in 3-packs for $18.95 or boxes of 12 for $49.98.

Shurhold, shurhold.com

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