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I’ve been looking to replace the anti-skid decking on my Etap 30, which has panels that are glued into shaped recesses molded into the deck. Anti-skid paint doesn’t work very well. A photo in your article on making handrail covers (December 2007) showed your deck with an interesting looking anti-skid material. It could be the answer to my problem. Could you give me the name of the product and vendor?

Carl Deeley , Cary, North Carolina

Don Casey replies : The anti-skid material on the deck of my boat is made by Treadmaster; from my perspective it delivers unmatched traction. Treadmaster products have been used for years on ferries and military vessels, and they have a reputation for outstanding durability ( My deck panels are 10 years old, and frankly, I think they still look like new. Defender Industries ( has represented Treadmaster in the U.S. for at least 40 years. Panels come in 471/2-inch-by-351/2-inch sheets. Treadmaster recommends using either its marine contact adhesive or marine epoxy when installing the material on decks.

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