Simple Shower

We knew when we moved aboard our 34-foot cutter, Eurisko, and became full-time cruisers that the boat didn’t have a shower. We also knew that using a solar shower on deck wouldn’t work for us on a day-to-day basis. We knew, too, that we couldn’t afford to stop at a marina every few days.

Our solution was to modify a 21/2-gallon pressurized garden sprayer by attaching a spray nozzle and an on/off switch. I measured the floor of the head compartment and discovered that an inflatable baby bath (about 2 feet by 3 feet) would fit perfectly. I bought three clear shower curtains—clear curtains help minimize claustrophobia—to cover the walls of the head. I hang them from cup hooks placed about 3 feet apart and high enough for the bottom of the curtains to just touch the bottom of the bathtub. The hooks are small enough not to be noticeable until they are needed. I also make sure that a space between two curtains is aligned with the countertop so we can grab soap and shampoo.

When it’s shower time, we put the sprayer on deck, just outside the hatch over the head, and fill it with water warmed on the stove. The hose and nozzle come down through the hatch. When we finish showering, we put the tub on the counter, pull the plug in the bottom, and let the water run into the sink.

The system takes about 10 minutes to rig, and the whole thing folds into a small package. It’s made the difference between roughing it and having our boat feel like home. Connie McBride

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