The Freedom of Sail

The Freedom of Sail is not strained; it flows freely in matching degrees to the skill and passion of the hand that seeks it. It is as available to the everyday sailor as to the Olympic medalist—as rewarding to the Opti beginner as to the veteran around-the-world singlehander. Its art consists of bending and blending the power of wind and wave to extract forward motion from often-contrary forces.

The ancient lure of this mix has engaged man’s curiosity from the earliest days, and made sail the primary medium of discovery and communication that opened up the New World. This heritage of utility sets sail apart from merely recreational sports and adds historical importance to sail’s pleasure of silent propulsion. And the simple making of a landing under sail creates a small, shared bond with intrepid explorers of the past.

Sailing’s total reliance on natural power breeds a sensory intimacy with the surrounding aquatic world and a subsequent innate respect for the supporting elements of clean air and water. That respect now requires increasing vigilance against the pollution that threatens the intrinsic beauty and sanctity of the sea. Thus the Freedom of Sail is both a link to a storied past and an enduring passport to new horizons.

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