In Search of an Iceberg

Ben and Teresa Carey set sail in search of an icebergTeresa Carey and her husband, Ben, plan to release their documentary film, One Simple Question, to film festivals this summer. Directed by Derek Alan Rowe, the film follows the couple as they move aboard their Bristol Channel Cutter 28 Elizabeth and set sail in search of a mammoth iceberg adrift in the North Atlantic. 

“I’m hoping [viewers] will take away a message of inspiration, that there are great things out there to see and do and become,” Carey says.

Teresa says the documentary is a sailing adventure story, a lifestyle piece on what it’s like to live aboard a sailboat, a documentary of the life cycles of the Peterman iceberg and the glaciers in Greenland, and a personal transformation story. The Petermann iceberg, the object of Teresa and Ben’s quest, is the largest on record in the past 60 years.

“We’re hoping to make a film that isn’t just a destination piece,” Teresa says. “There’s nothing but ice and it melts away, so it’s about the journey and the sailing. I think it’s going to surprise people.”

Photo by Chris Rodriguez

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