World Cruising Club Expands to Cape Verdes and South America

This year's ARC will have two starts: Las Palmas (pictured) and the Cape Verdes

For the first time since its creation in 1986, this year’s ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers) sailors will have a choice of routes after leaving the Canary Islands in November. The newly created ARC+ will include a three- to five-day stopover in Minelo, Cape Verde Islands. There, sailors can re-provision, explore the island and restart directly in the trade winds at 16º50’N, headed for St. Lucia.

Meanwhile, the World ARC is expanding to include a new cold-water route around South America. Beginning in 2015, sailors can opt to sail from Europe, via Madeira, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verdes, before calling into South America, where they’ll cruise Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, followed by the Beagle Channel and Chilean Canals. After two months in the unique Patagonian wilderness, the fleet will head across the Pacific via Easter Island to meet up with their “warm water route” brethren in Tahiti.

Closer to home, the Caribbean 1500 is amping up once again and looking forward to an October start from a new home base: Portsmouth, VA. Unlike Hampton where the fleet was spread across three marinas, all boats will be berthed together in Portsmouth’s Ocean Marine Yacht Center.

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