Vanishing Sail

Of the hundreds of sailing vessels that were introduced by Scottish settlers in the 19th century and launched in the West Indies, very few remain. Filmmaker Alexis Andrews is documenting the boatbuilders of Carriacou in the Grenadines, who are trying to keep this dying skill alive.


Beautifully shot, with interviews and archival footage, this film tells the history of the schooners and sloops that traded and occasionally smuggled goods by sail throughout the islands right up until the 1970s. The modern way of life in Carriacou still relies on the sea, and the art of boat building has been passed on to some remaining residents. These days there is even a resurgence of interest in classic boats in this part of the world with the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta and other island races that bring people back to the colorful coast.

Filmed in the Grenadines, Vanishing Sail is 80 percent complete, but requires two more production trips to record these stories while it’s still possible. Footage will also be taken of the Carriacou sloop that one of the last boat building families on the island is currently building.

Vanishing Sail has a kickstarter campaign ending on May 15. You can learn more about the film and donate to the campaign here. As of today, $26,914 has been pledged of the $48,000 goal. 

Photo from Vanishing Sail

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