A Photographic Journey of Star Flyer

At 360 feet long and 220 feet tall, the barquentine clipper ship Star Flyer is a sight to behold under sail.

It takes three officers and over two dozen crew to manage the sixteen sails aboard Star Flyer, one of the three clipper ships in the Star Clippers family. Here, the crew poses from the bowsprit while weighing anchor off the western coast of Costa Rica.

Repair jobs on a ship this size require lots of crew coordination…

And a very powerful sewing machine.

Throughout the week, Captain Jrgen Mller-Cyran offers lectures on the history of clipper ships and the America’s Cup; passengers listen from the comfort of their lounge chairs.

To honor the tradition of clipper ships, the cruise itinerary includes several chances to experience the ship as sailors may have experienced it 150 years ago. From climbing the rope ladder to the crow’s nest…

To navigating with a sextant…

To teaching knots and splices, the crew aims to provide a complete and genuine clipper ship experience.

Life on board Star Flyer is both fun and relaxing. Morning aerobics take on a new meaning as the “gym” floor rocks and rolls beneath you.

Throughout the day, there is plenty of time to chat with new friends and bask in the sun, surrounded by beautifully maintained teak decks and mahogany railings.

Every morning, Star Flyer enters a new port and offers excursions ashore. In Costa Rica, you can waterski around the ship (above) zipline through the trees, or stroll the streets of Central America, rich with the brilliant colors of native architecture.

Excursions also afford passengers a chance to see Central America’s renowned flora and fauna.

After a long day of sailing and sightseeing, there are few things more desirable than a delicious meal. Luckily, Star Flyer specializes in gourmet cuisine inspired by both local flavors and international dishes.

No day on Star Flyer is complete without evening entertainment, whether it’s locals performing traditional dances, passengers competing in a talent show, or the entire ship dancing the night away.

These photos were taken on Star Flyer as she sailed the Pacific coast of Central America from Caldera, Costa Rica to San Juan, Nicaragua, and back again. For more information on Star Clippers cruises, click here.

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