The Pee Pot

Every skipper worries about losing crew overboard when it is blowing hard and the males aboard persist in “bailing ship” (their personal ships, not the boat) on deck. In this respect, a yawl or ketch rig beats a sloop or cutter six ways to Sunday, as the mizzen rigging is good for leaning up against when bailing ship.

But a better solution is to keep a “pee pot” in the cockpit. Aboard my yawl Iolaire, I took a small Clorox bottle, cut the bottom out, tied a piece of 1/8in flag halyard around the neck of the bottle, then tied the ends of the lanyard together and hung it on a hook in the cockpit. Any time a male member of the crew needed to bail ship, he stood in the safety of the cockpit, bailed into the pee pot, emptied it over the side, rinsed it, then replaced it on its hook.

On his 88ft ketch Sincerity, Trigvie Bratz always insisted the crew use this system, except Trig had liberated a stainless steel pee pot from a hospital. Also, he urged his crew to use the pot in port. This is less public and more polite than bailing ship directly over side and still avoids going below and pumping the head

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