Five Space-Saving Galley Items

Photo by Jan IronsI lost at least 25 percent of the storage space in my galley when we installed our watermaker, because the only place it could fit aboard our cramped 37-foot sailboat was directly under the galley sink. Now I’m constantly looking for ways to save space in the galley. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Collapsible/Nesting Bowls and Cookware: Bowls, colanders and strainers that collapse flat and stack on top of each other are commonly available. I now have more sizes of serving and mixing bowls, and need less space to store them. Nesting pots and pans for the stove also save space.

2. Square Containers: It’s a fact: round storage containers take up more space than square ones, which can be stacked neatly together.

3. Heavy-Duty Freezer Baggies: I now store everything in the fridge in freezer baggies. They are flexible, conform to fit whatever space is available and take up less space than solid containers. You can also use baggies for marinades—just watch that they don’t leak! You can double bag to be sure.

4. Chamois Dish Drainer: A chamois cloth works as well as a dish drainer and saves the space needed to store the drainer. I use a high-quality, super-absorbent synthetic chamois and spread it on the counter by the sink. When the dishes are dry, I wring out the cloth and hang it outside to finish drying.

5. Foil Food Packaging: I favor flat foil packets over cans. This saves a lot of space, particularly when provisioning for a long cruise.

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