Duct and sand

We were sanding the epoxy on the bottom of our 34-footer when the PSA sandpaper disks my husband Dave was using started flying off the pad of his sander. Both the sander and the pad were new at the beginning of the project that was, of course, many disks ago. Dave cleaned the pad but then watched as another disk flew off. Because it was Sunday and the chandlery was closed, he was going to have to start using his head.

First, he thoroughly cleaned the sander pad with acetone. Then he covered it carefully with a layer of duct tape; actually he used two strips because one tape width wasn’t wide enough to extend the pad’s full span. The sticky side of the duct tape stuck well to the pad and the PSA disks stuck well to the tape’s smooth back. What Dave thought was only going to be a temporary fix that might get him through the day lasted for the rest of the bottom job. In fact, we still haven’t bought a new pad because it still works fine…with duct tape!

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