Cheap geezer logbook

My sailing philosophy is, “when on watch, stay on deck”. I have made many changes to my boat to reduce the need to go below. One simple change was to create a waterproof logbook that I could safely leave on deck in any weather without fear of damage. A side benefit is that it is inexpensive as well.

Using spreadsheet software I created a logbook format I liked. I purchased waterproof copy paper online and headed to my local Kinko’s for printing and binding. After laser printing (Inkjet printer ink is not waterproof) 10 sets of logbook pages on my paper, and properly collating them, I had the Kinko’s bind them with a hard plastic back, clear plastic front and plastic spiral binding. The result is a customized, inexpensive, waterproof logbook which stays on deck with me at all times. If you are obsessive like me, you can also obtain pens with waterproof ink from the paper vendor.

Download a sample logbook spreadsheet in Excel format.

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