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Birdwatching: a Sailor’s Guide

by Diana Doyle, Posted April 29, 2015

There’s so much to enjoy about birds while afloat. And you’re in an enviable position. Many of these species are never seen by avid land-birders, as many pelagic birds spend their entire lives at sea, only coming ashore briefly to breed on remote islands.


Stepping through Luther’s onto Bay Street, you’ll discover a beautiful downtown, replete with historic buildings and interesting shops. A few steps farther, and you’re in a designated historic residential district with many remaining homes from the English colonial settlement. It’s a great place to explore.


Voice of Experience: Shafted in the Jumentos

by Robert Strickland, Posted April 2, 2015

The prop shaft is broken, and bad weather is coming. Now what?

We were not going anywhere under power now for sure, and in the light air the tide was taking us down onto the rocks of the northern Jumentos Cay at a rapid rate.



To obtain a U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s License, unlike a driver’s license, there is a lot more to it than just paying a fee and taking an eye test.



Memories of Sailing Cuba

by Nigel Calder, Posted March 16, 2015

In 1995 my family and I circumnavigated Cuba, collecting data for my book, Cuba: a Cruising Guide. I had assumed then that relations between the United States and Cuba would soon be normalized, and that the lifting of the embargo would unleash a flood of American sailors eager to explore Cuban waters.

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