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1,000 Miles around Nova Scotia

by Robert Dunbar, Posted February 7, 2014

For three full summers I sailed the waters of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick aboard my little CL16 dinghy, Celtic Kiss, a Canadian variant of the UK’s famed 16-foot Wayfarer.


Anti Chain-Pyramid Rod

by Tor Pinney, Posted February 7, 2014

Like most long-range cruisers I carry a lot of anchor chain, but I was having a problem with pyramids in my chain locker. When weighing anchor my chain piled up beneath its deck pipe, sometimes reaching up high enough to block it, so that the chain being fed in would suddenly jam the windlass gypsy. 


Sail Repair: Palming It

by Peter Nielsen, Posted February 7, 2014

Every cruising boat should carry a sailmaker's palm along with a kit of essential sail-repair tools


It was a perfect afternoon on the Maine coast. After a pleasant sail to a spacious, uncrowded anchorage, my wife and I spotted the familiar shape of the handsome sloop belonging to our friends Trevor and Maria. We had prearranged the rendezvous.

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