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Cruising the Peruvian coast

by Sail Staff, Posted September 19, 2008
By Clark Beek

In the September issue of SAIL, Clark Beek writes of cruising the extensive, remote southern coast and the much warmer, more popular northern coast of Peru (Ceviche + Process Knitting). Here are the notes that did not fit into the story.

For many North American boats, the west coast cruising route has been pushed farther and farther south each year, so


Catalina in the Fall

by Sail Staff, Posted September 10, 2008
No, it's not about watching the leaves (both of them) change color

By Kimball Livingston

Somehow, calling it Santa Catalina Island just seems redundant when I talk about Catalina. Both of my recent trips were dolphin-blessed. Once we saw the blue whale that was all the buzz in the anchorages. Always, there was somebody ready to observe that millions upon millions


Yacht Security in the Gulf of Aden

by Sail Staff, Posted September 8, 2008
Yachts transiting the Gulf of Aden should be more secure under a maritime security patrol area announced by the United States 5th Fleet in Bahrain. Allied naval forces under Combined Task Force 150 are now patrolling the waters between the coasts of Somalia and Yemen, a natural chokepoint for maritime traffic.

Pirates recently stepped up commercial ship hijacking in this area. The


Datum Shift

by Sail Staff, Posted August 28, 2008
Here’s a chartplotter photo that shows the boat plunked into the local parking lot. In fact, it was tied alongside the pier northwest of number 4. The distance to the apparent position was over 200 yards. The fault lay in a discrepancy between the GPS lat-long data and the electronic chart itself. In other words, it’s a classic datum shift. Think about what could have happened to the boat

Reef Untangler

by Sail Staff, Posted August 28, 2008
We love our slab-reefing setup but constantly had problems with the reefing lines getting tangled up around the end of the boom. The solution was simple. We always carry a couple of spare battens inside the boom, and we discovered that leaving one poking out prevents this from happening. Kitty van
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