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Island Time: Lake Michigan

by Fred Bagley, Posted October 1, 2009
Every time my wife Jennifer and I sail to the Beaver Islands, something goes wrong. So why do we keep going there? Initially it was because of where they are, but now it's because of what they are.

First, the "where" part. The Beavers are a dozen islands in northern Lake Michigan, 30 miles from Michigan sailing centers like Mackinac Island, Harbor Springs and Charlevoix. To the west, it's a


Shaft Seal Cruising Tips - On Deck

by RON SCHAPER, Posted October 1, 2009

I was powering at low rpm when my wife asked, "What is that high-pitched sound?" I thought it was a belt, but when I went below and looked in the engine box all seemed fine. The noise seemed to be coming from behind the engine, so I lifted the small hatch over the PSS (Packless Sealing System) unit and found that the shaft, boot, and clamps were too


GPS For Boats

by Sail Staff, Posted October 1, 2009


GPS For Boats - On Deck

by Jeff Stander, Posted October 1, 2009
Get your chartplotter working around the clock

All chartplotters have an anchor alarm that can be set to sound when the boat moves outside a specific radius around a GPS position. The concept is great, but in the real world it is often not all that helpful. The reason is that the anchor alarm's radius is normally set on the boat's position rather than the position of


Jack Russell Terrier - Cruising

by Jack Ford, Posted September 30, 2009
Lady Pitkeathly, my beloved Jack Russell terrier, is a fishing fool. She can spend hours searching for fish and crabs in the shallows. Whenever we are in the dinghy, she keeps a watchful eye on the water. Her greatest fishing adventure began when I had our dinghy up on a plane racing along the mangroves, the warm breeze in our faces. Lady P, as usual, was perched on the bow like a hood ornament
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