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Midnight Madness

by Rex Koeppen, Posted February 26, 2010
It was the middle of the winter when my wife, Laura, and I flew to St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, to join our old friend Tom Garvey aboard his 37-foot Island Spirit Catamaran, Sanctuary. Californian Mark Paulson, a lifetime beach cat sailor and avid J/120 racer, and Glenn Ashmore, a software developer and delivery boat skipper, also joined us.

We met on the dock in St.


Pets on Boats: Katie and Libby

by Sail Staff, Posted February 23, 2010
Any Michigan native will tell you that the pristine waters of the Northern Great Lakes hold some of the greatest sailing opportunities known to man. So when Captain David Rowe sent us pictures of his pups Katie and Libby, relaxing on board their Cal 39 "Wild Honey" in the waters around Mackinac Island, a collective sigh of jealousy erupted throughout the entire SAIL office. And that was BEFORE we

January 10 Cruising Tips

by Sail Staff, Posted February 17, 2010
SEAMANSHIP: Hang tight

Priority number one when I’m out cruising is to stay on board my boat. Using a safety harness after dark, or when conditions are strong, is important, but even the best harness only guarantees you stay attached to the boat. It’s no fun being dragged alongside. Also, accidents can happen in the most benign conditions. A sailor from my marina drowned


December 09 Cruising Tips

by Sail Staff, Posted February 17, 2010
MAINTENANCE: Keeping Fuel Sludge-Proof

Four years ago our diesel engine died because of a blocked fuel line. We’ve known many other cruisers who have suffered the same problem. Whenever a boat is going to windward under power, as we were, the fuel in the tanks gets stirred up. If the tank contains dirty fuel or microbial growth, as ours did, there will often be trouble. To


Pets on Boats!

by Sail Staff, Posted February 16, 2010
They say that man's best friend is the canine, and so it makes sense that often our favorite partner on the rail is of the non-homo sapiens variety. Does your dog or cat love the water enough to put on a PFD and cruise with you? If so, send us your pictures, along with the appropriate caption, for us to post on the website.

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