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Steve Ormond

by Sail Staff, Posted November 19, 2009
Crew, Lady, Catalina 470First-time Caribbean 1500 Crew Member

Trying to land a berth as a crewmember on a Tortola-bound Caribbean 1500 vessel is a bit like one of those middle school dances, where the boys and girls try to match up without knowing much about each other, where there is competition for the best partners and where the


Gail Bowdish

by Sail Staff, Posted November 19, 2009
Crew, Joy For All, Farr 50

2009 was my fifth Caribbean 1500, and the second crewing on Joy For All. It was a clean start, with enough wind to sail and we quickly settled into our watch rotation. My watches were 12:00 to 3:00, so I took the first watch. On Joy For All, the “on watch” crew is responsible for sail trim, watching for other boats,


Chip and Nan Davison

by Sail Staff, Posted November 19, 2009
Boat make: Dawn 48Owners/ admiral and captain: Nan and Chip Davison / Boothbay, MECrew: Sam Scott, Scott Briggs, Jeff Curtis, Charlie Cochrane, Brett Korpella

It has been a dream of Chip’s to do the Caribbean 1500 and we definitely picked the right year to make the trip. What a sail! One of our goals was to share this offshore


They Rescue the Rescuers

by Meredith Laitos, Posted November 19, 2009
Every day, men and women of the Coast Guard risk their lives to save people in need in the oceans, rivers and bays across the country. But who takes care of the Coast Guard? The Coast Guard Foundation, now in its 40th year, is honoring its officers with a new one-in-a-million campaign and various celebrations.

October 28, 2009: A Coast Guard helicopter rescued five people after their boat


Nanny Cay or Bust!

by Meredith Laitos, Posted November 18, 2009
To hear firsthand accounts from the participants of the rally, check out their stories on the right under "Tales from the Rally."

Twenty years ago, an enthusiastic cruiser introduced a group of boats to the concept of an offshore sailing rally, where they could travel as a community from the states to the Caribbean to while away the winter.

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