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After six months and nearly 20,000 miles of sailing, 16-year-old Jessica Watson is nearing the end of her solo circumnavigation. She entered Australian waters yesterday and has less than 4,000 miles left in her attempt to become the youngest circumnavigator.

Though the World Sailing Speed Record Council no longer recognizes the title of "Youngest Around," that has not deterred Watson from


Cruising Cuba

by Wally Moran, Posted April 9, 2010
Approaching Cuba from Ragged Island, at the south end of the Jumentos in the Bahamas, I noticed something I hadn’t seen for some time—mountains. After the low-lying islands and cays of the Bahamas, Cuba’s coastline at Puerto de Vita offered an exhilarating vista, nearly forbidding in its immensity. A frisson of anticipation ran down my spine.

Cruising through the Bahamas, I had followed a


A Carriacou Comeback

by Jan Hein, Posted April 9, 2010
The tiny Caribbean island of Carriacou is enjoying a welcome and raucous revival. On the beach where boatbuilding started over a century ago, the sounds of ringing caulking irons and hatchets “chopping sweet” are once again filling the air.

Traditionally, the schooners and sloops of Carriacou were built for inter-island trading. Others worked the sea, setting traps or trolling with hand


In response to recent warnings of an increase in piracy, the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) has updated and re-issued its guidelines to yachts contemplating making a passage through the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin.

A single-sheet summary of the guidelines has been sent to marina managers, port captains and ships’ agents in all the places frequented by long-distance sailors

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