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Sail Well, Sail Safely

by Rich DuMoulin, Posted May 24, 2010
From the moment my father first put me in a sailboat he told me that safety and seamanship come first, above all else. He served in the Coast Guard in the North Atlantic during World War II and knew why these things are important. Later, when I went sailing with his wartime crew, every one of them put the same emphasis on seamanship and safety. They focused not on loading the boat down with fancy

30 Days Left In Marathon Sea Voyage

by Rebecca Fenton, Posted May 20, 2010
New York City artist, adventurer and sailor Reid Stowe has less than one month left in his epic 1,000-plus-day non-stop, non-resupplied sea voyage aboard the 70-foot. gaff-rigged schooner, Anne. Originally scheduled to return to New York Harbor last winter, when the North Atlantic storms were at their peak, Stowe decided to sail with the variable winds and currents of the Atlantic

Found at Sea

by Mavis McRae, Posted May 19, 2010
On Friday May 13th, 1994, two friends, two other SCUBA divers and I were lost at sea after a dive off the coast of Fiji. That day, an act of luck in the form of a yacht from Boston plucked our soggy bottoms out of the Fijian ocean. I can't recall if in the excitement of the rescue I managed to thank our unnamed heros, but it was their superb navigation that allowed me to be here today.



Talisker Bounty Sets Sail

by Sail Staff, Posted May 4, 2010
On April 29, four adventurers set sail from Tonga in a 25-foot longboat named Talisker Bounty with the hope of recreating the 4,000-mile open-boat voyage made by Capt. William Bligh following the mutiny on the Bounty. Like Bligh, the crew is sailing with limited rations and using only 18th century navigational equipment. Australian adventurer Don McIntyre is leading the
Talk about a send-off! HRH, The Princess Royal Ann, the only daughter of England’s Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit the Northshore Yachts shipyard on Monday 19th April to preside over the opening of the company’s new Southerly factory.

Accompanied by local dignitaries, Princess Ann met CEO Lester Abbott and toured the company’s new 13,000 square-foot facility, which is located in Itchenor,

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