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December 09 Cruising Tips

by Sail Staff, Posted February 17, 2010
MAINTENANCE: Keeping Fuel Sludge-Proof

Four years ago our diesel engine died because of a blocked fuel line. We’ve known many other cruisers who have suffered the same problem. Whenever a boat is going to windward under power, as we were, the fuel in the tanks gets stirred up. If the tank contains dirty fuel or microbial growth, as ours did, there will often be trouble. To


Pets on Boats!

by Sail Staff, Posted February 16, 2010
They say that man's best friend is the canine, and so it makes sense that often our favorite partner on the rail is of the non-homo sapiens variety. Does your dog or cat love the water enough to put on a PFD and cruise with you? If so, send us your pictures, along with the appropriate caption, for us to post on the website.

Send photos to

Quiet Means Safe

by Bruce Balan, Posted February 16, 2010
I know sailors who can sleep through 40-knot winds even though the halyards are throbbing like a string quartet. But the truth is if something on the boat is making noise, chances are that it’s either hitting or rubbing something else and that means lots of chafe and wear. A quiet boat is a chafe-free and therefore a safer boat. At night that can often mean the difference between a good night’s

Winners of SAIL's Holiday Wish List Contest

by Sail Staff, Posted February 11, 2010
Announcing the winners of SAIL's Holiday Wish List

The holidays have come and gone, but SAIL still has one more gift to give: our stocking full of sailing goodies. From November 1, 2009 to January 1, 2010, we accepted entries from hundreds of SAIL readers who responded to our question, "What ten items do you most wish to add to your sailboat this upcoming season?" From masts to mainsails,


Rules to Sail By

by Sail Staff, Posted February 4, 2010
Sailors are fond of rules, although it is also true that some rules are simply mnemonic memory devices. Red right returning is a good example, at least in North America. Others might provide advice: Red sky at night, sailor’s delight comes to mind. But some phrases are rules that are inviolate: Always wear a harness at night is one.

I’ve developed my own set of rules that,

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