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Natural Born Grillers

by Jan Irons, Posted June 9, 2010
It's the best part of the day—relaxing in the cockpit with good friends, sharing another spectacular sunset with a cool drink. As the sun fades, growling stomachs remind us it’s time for dinner. Rather than jumping in the dinghy and heading ashore, though, we opt to lounge in our cockpit. Nothing is easier than lighting the grill and enjoying the tantalizing aromas that soon waft through the
Giant, wing-masted trimarans in the America’s Cup, hydrofoilers busting 50 knots in the Med, these innovations open a window onto a gee-whiz future that turns me on. But they don’t answer one question: Will we, or will we not in that future, still have with us the racing classics of yore?

For every Dorade that inspires another and then another deep-pockets hero to


Spring Break Salvage

by John Capelle, Posted June 7, 2010
As soon as he did, we all worked furiously to plug the leaks and pump the boat dry. A crowd of about 40 people had gathered, and gave us a round of applause when we were done. The Bahamian government also rewarded us with some Kalik Gold, the local beer. It was a spring break none of us is likely to forget.

This past March, seven friends from the College of Charleston and I went sailing for


Cruising Through the Economic Crisis

by Nicolas Peissel, Posted June 7, 2010
I was in my thirties, and my childhood dream of circumnavigating the North Atlantic seemed destined to remain just that—a dream. Relationships, work commitments and a lack of funds were forever placing my goal just out of reach. Then came the global economic crisis.

It was the summer of 2008, and as a contract aid worker for the United Nations, I was between jobs. Worse yet, I had little


From Bad to Worse

by Meredith Laitos, Posted June 1, 2010
The Gulf Oil Spill has gone from bad to worse. Since BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded and sank on April 22, killing 11 workers, it has been spewing a torrent of oil into the Gulf of Mexico—roughly 70,000 barrels, or 3 million gallons, each day. A method known as “top kill,” the most recent attempt to siphon the spill, was deemed a failure, leaving BP and government officials
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