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August 10 Cruising Tips

by Sail Staff, Posted August 11, 2010
SAIL AWAY Although it’s easy to turn on the engine and pick up the anchor or cast off a mooring pennant, it can be a lot more fun for guests and crew if you sail away from an anchorage or mooring instead. This, of course, assumes suitable wind conditions and that you have enough maneuvering room—including a decent margin of error in case something goes wrong. If you really want

Antiguan Traditions

by David Schmidt, Posted August 9, 2010
“The British attitude toward Antigua was ‘defend at all costs,’” says Randy, our tour guide to Antigua’s legendary English Harbour, a portion of which is now protected as Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. “This especially applied to English Harbour.”

Standing in the center of the park, I take in the naturally protected harbor that the British used as their base of operations in the Caribbean

My wife, Jennifer, and I cruise Lake Huron’s famous North Channel on Catamount, our Caliber 38. We enjoy its many hidden anchorages, which are surrounded by four-billion-year-old granite and quartzite hills studded with wild blueberries. Smack in the heart of this great cruising ground is Manitoulin Island, which forms much of the channel’s south shore and is the biggest freshwater

Cornfield Cruisin'

by Adam Cort, Posted July 22, 2010
Feel the wind, sail the road! Some things in this world can’t help but make you smile, and the new Pterosail is one of them. The brainchild of John MacTaggart, an alumnus of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, the Pterosail (think “terra-sail”) is a recumbent tricycle that combines wind, sun and muscle power to create the ultimate in “green” transportation.

In July, MacTaggart set out on a


Stretch and Strengthen

by Sail Staff, Posted July 15, 2010
Sailors have to consider space and weight when stocking their boats with workout gear. Heavy dumbbells and bulky fitness equipment are out of the question, so Legum suggests using an elastic Thera-band instead. “[It’s] my favorite piece of equipment due to its size, cost and usefulness,” Legum says. Thera-bands ( come in various tension levels and can be used virtually anywhere on
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