Cobb Grill

A boat grill doesn’t have to be a charcoal or propane contraption mounted on the pushpit. The Cobb grill, for example, provides an elegant third option. With the cover off, you can use it as a regular grill for burgers, steaks, whatever. With the lid on, it becomes a useful convection oven that will cook a roast meal or bake a loaf of bread.

The beauty of this design is that the coals are contained in a basket in the middle of the grill, whose outside remains cool enough that you can pick it up and move it while you are cooking. The base doesn’t get hot at all, making it feasible to cook on a cockpit table or even on the deck itself. Grease and meat juices are funneled away from the flames into a moat around the fire basket, so there’s no risk of flare-ups.

I cooked a 31/2 pound turkey breast according to Jan’s directions (see Starting with the recommended eight charcoal briquettes, I added about as many again during the three-hour cooking time, which is what it took for the roast to reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees. It may have been faster on a regular grill, which is what Jan uses, but I don’t think the meat would have remained as moist and succulent.

The Cobb weighs a shade over 8lbs and measures 13in x 121/2 in x 121/2 in, small enough to stow on most boats of medium size or more.


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