Can Pigs Swim?

Can pigs swim? In the Exumas they can. The Bahamian island of Big Majors Spot in the Exumas is home to a small herd of free-range domestic pigs. Big Majors also boasts a broad harbor that’s often crowded with transient cruising boats that are heading down island, migrating north or just hanging out. 

Over the years the pigs have learned that human visitors sometimes bring them food scraps. Rather than wait for their benefactors to beach their dinghies, the pigs have gotten in the habit of swimming out to meet them, and sometimes actually try to climb aboard to speed things up! 

The pigs belong to some locals from nearby Staniel Cay, who periodically come over to harvest one or two of their livestock. There is another beach at the opposite corner of the harbor, sometimes referred to as Barbecue Beach. The pigs don’t go there voluntarily. It is, however, occupied by a herd of free-range goats. Non-swimming goats.

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