Bill and Rosemary Thomas

Crazy Horse, Sundeer 60
First to Finish

The Crazy Horse, a Sundeer 60, arrived at Hampton ready and raring to go in the Caribbean 1500 Rally on October 27, 2009. She is always excited to perform when you let her out of the gate (slip). Her unsuspecting riders are always in for an exhilarating treat. Out in the open water she is lively and surefooted. The captain and crew of Crazy Horse are Bill Thomas, Rosemary Thomas, Matt Thomas and Nancy Dessenberger.

We purchased Crazy Horse in 2006. Bill researched the Sundeer and Deerfoot boats designed by Steve Daschu and was convinced this was the safest boat we could purchase in facing the demands and challenges of the open sea. When I proposed, after following the 1500 rally online, that we participate, Bill was duly shocked. I was not the kind of person to sail that far into the open ocean. The last time he sailed to Bermuda, I flew along with the other wives. But this rally held my interest and made it seem possible with the support of the other ralliers.

We attended the workshop held in Annapolis and learned a lot about preparing for such a journey. We became more confident. Steve Black, Julie and Rick Palm were part of the experienced team to prepare and encourage us.

We went on to complete the Caribbean 1500 Rally in 2007. The 20th anniversary of the rally was in 2009 and we knew we wanted to be a part. We came in first over the line and beat our 2007 time. We were excited to finish safely and with no major problems. Again, the other ralliers and people we met along the way became like family and some will probably become lifelong friends.

I encourage others to try the 1500 if you are thinking of journeying south to the islands. It is a safe way to do so and you will learn a lot about yourself, the ocean and gain confidence in the process.

We are now preparing for the World Arc, which will start in Jan 2010. Who would have thought I would believe we could accomplish such a feat? Perhaps the exhilaration of completing such an adventure makes one believe anything is possible.

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