Attack in South America

Philip Armand Leudiere, age 61, the skipper of a French catamaran skipper was shot dead last month during an attack on board his boat at anchor outside Marina de Caraballeda, on the Central Litoral coast between La Guaira and Cabo Codera, Venezuela.

Four robbers boarded the boat undetected. In resisting the attack, the skipper was shot several times in the head. His wife, Catherine Marie, remained captive until the robbers had finished looting, taking money and equipment.

Marina de Caraballeda frequently suffers petty theft and occasionally violence towards crews during robberies, and boaters are advised not to anchor there overnight. Although the marina is officially closed for repairs, the marina Commodore is on duty during the day and can provide cruisers with a slip for the night or recommend a safe anchorage.

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