A Cruise to Treasure

by Bob Burgess, Posted December 20, 2011

Small-boat sailors strike it rich in the Marquesas


AFTER TWO BOATS HAD BEEN ABANDONED, after people had been hospitalized, after we finally (and gratefully) reached the safety of Virgin Gorda, Steve Black, who had organized the rally, held a "debriefing" session."This is not something anyone would go through willingly," he explained to the crowd. "It's important that sailors have short memories."


Fenders for Tenders

by Patrick Childress, Posted November 15, 2011

Inflatable dinghies are rough and tough, but their skin is thin. If your rubber duck leads a hard life, adding some protective padding in key spots will reduce chafe and help prevent the little boat from developing an odd list when least expected.


Five Space-Saving Galley Items

by Jan Irons, Posted November 15, 2011

I lost at least 25 percent of the storage space in my galley when we installed our watermaker, because the only place it could fit aboard our cramped 37-foot sailboat was directly under the galley sink. Now I’m constantly looking for ways to save space in the galley. Here are a few of my favorites.


Flying Free

by Don Casey, Posted November 15, 2011

On our Allied Seawind ketch we fly the national ensign from our mizzen topping lift, rather than flying it from a short staff on the rail under the mizzen boom where it would be at odds with the mizzen sheet.


How to Save a Flipped Dinghy

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