Seamanship Rewarded: Cruising Club Awards

by Sail Staff, Posted March 13, 2008
Seventy-four-year-old circumnavigator Gillian West and world cruiser Peter Passano were recognized for their “meritorious seamanship and adventure upon the sea” by the Cruising Club of America. West received the club’s Far Horizons Award for her circumnavigation in the 34-foot sloop Khamsin. She completed the circumnavigation over a 14-year series of passages while exemplifying the club’s

A Nautical Novice on Lake Nokomis

by Sail Staff, Posted February 28, 2008
It was a beautiful afternoon with a gentle breeze from the southeast. My wife, Catherine, and I were out for a romantic sail. What could go wrong?

I was eager to set off in our recently acquired boat, Ruach, a 13.5-foot trailerable Expo Solar Sailer designed by Garry Hoyt, Ted Hood, and Everett Pearson. Cath, a first-timer, was nervous, but throwing in a picnic


Citing Prostitution, Fiji Restricts Visitor Visas

by Sail Staff, Posted February 11, 2008
Fiji’s finance minister has accused visiting sailors of involvement in crimes ranging from drug smuggling and prostitution to smuggling endangered species of flora and fauna. Cruising traffic through the islands is expected to drop dramatically after Fiji introduced new regulations restricting visiting boats to a three-month stay (effectively cutting the permissible stay by half), though

Harbor Bailout

by Sail Staff, Posted December 11, 2007
Hawaii's harbors and docks are falling into an alarming state of disrepair, and the Division of Boating and Ocean Recreation, which manages the state's publicly owned harbors, seems powerless to stem the tide. More than 292 slips are out of service, and many of the antiquated docks are beyond further repair. This year's boating-fee increase is only a drop in the bucket providing $12 to $13

Sailing the Web: Salty Southeast Cruiser's Net

by Sail Staff, Posted November 13, 2007
If you find that your cruising guides and newsletters are obsolete before you ever reach your destination, you’ll want to know about The Salty Southeast Cruiser’s Net ( This new Web site, developed by cruising guide author Claiborne Young and nautical author Eddie Jones, allows for a free exchange of information among

How to Save a Flipped Dinghy

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