BVI Defers Harbor Fees

by Sail Staff, Posted July 23, 2008
After receiving an influx of complaints from the marine industry, both locally and abroad, the British Virgin Islands government announced July 15 its decision to indefinitely defer levying harbor fees on all vessels entering or remaining in territorial waters and on those using BVI Ports Authority facilities.

In a statement made July 15, available via Virgin Islands Platinum News’s Web


Sailing and windsurfing in the BVI

by Sail Staff, Posted July 14, 2008
Highland Spring HIHO 2008

The Highland Spring HIHO brings sailing and windsurfing together for one amazing week every year in the British Virgin Islands, when windsurfers travel down to the islands from around the world, to join friends and family; others join the adventure solely for the experience. And it’s an experience like no other. The core of the event is the series of daily


Deep Heat

by Sail Staff, Posted July 9, 2008
Shell and NOAA team up to improve hurricane forecasting
New thermal sensors are the key

By Kate Piserchia

There are deep pockets of warm water in the Gulf of Mexico where a passing hurricane, already a danger, can rapidly morph into a monster.

How and why hurricanes intensify is not entirely clear, but a move by Shell Oil Co. to install new underwater thermal


Sticking It To the Pirates

by Sail Staff, Posted June 12, 2008
The UN Security Council, in an unprecedented move, voted unanimously to authorize states to enter Somalia's territorial waters in the Indian Ocean to fight piracy. With 31 hijackings and attempted hijackings reported off the Somali coast last year, the UN finds that piracy in this area has become a threat to international and regional peace and security.

States are authorized to use all


Court Ruling Threatens Boating

by Sail Staff, Posted May 15, 2008
A recent court ruling about pollution dumped from the ballast water of commercial ships is written to also require all recreational boats to get permits by September 2008, even though 99 percent of recreational boats do not have ballast tanks.

Boats and ships are different and should not be treated as the same. These costly permits—intended for commercial ships and supertankers that have


How to Save a Flipped Dinghy

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