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Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.

For the author, when it comes to charts, the more the merrier


Having Multiple Sources of Cartographic Information

One of the nice things about working for a sailing magazine is that people often just send you stuff hoping you’ll try it out. This was particularly true of paper charts, back in the day when people commonly used such things, which is why I have an unusually large collection, particularly of Caribbean charts. Many Read More

Watch out for deck cracks, no matter how small they may be

Cruising Tips

Watching for Troublesome Deck Cracks

There are several things going on in this picture, all stemming from the small hairline cracks radiating out from where the chainplate pierces the deck. At first glance, they may not appear to be that serious. However, they will allow water to penetrate the outer skin and enter the balsa core of this high-end daysailer, Read More

Illustration by Steve Sanford


Man Overboard in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Having someone fall off your boat is a possibility, as we all know, but that situation is something the skipper takes care of, right? Well, what if it’s the skipper who goes overboard? This was my harsh reality when I found myself in the middle of the Atlantic, with no land in sight, in 6ft Read More

Dropping the hook; no question whether you’re well set here!

Cruising Tips

Running Aground 101

Oddly enough, grounding a 46-footer on a beach ain’t that tough. The only question is whether you prefer to go in bow or stern first. Aboard the Seaward 46RK, backing up is made especially easy by that fact that the boat is equipped with twin diesels, which can be “tractored,” as on a catamaran. This Read More

There’s no need for a dinghy to take you ashore when cruising aboard a variable-draft boat like the Seaward 46RK

Sailboat Cruising

Sailing in the Shallows of Florida

It was a gorgeous day off Florida’s west coast—sunny (of course) with a gentle breeze coming over our port quarter—and Nick Hake, creator of the Seaward line of trailerable cruisers, and I were thinking about where to drop the hook. We’d left Clearwater that morning and were now headed north, a mile or so off Read More

Aventura reaches past a massive berg under Parasailor spinnaker


Aventura’s Crew Completes its Transit of the Northwest Passage

Having passed through the Western Arctic and its ice fields much earlier in the season than we’d hoped or expected, and with the ice situation still unfavorable in the Eastern Arctic, we could slow down and, for a while at least, turn our voyage into a more leisurely cruise. Our next stops were the Canadian Read More

Cruising Tips

Security Tips for Sailboats

A A long hidden bolt or machine screw can be used to pin a companionway hatch in place and keep it from sliding open. B Stainless steel plates can be installed to reinforce the companionway washboard track. C The hinge pin on a hasp for a lock can’t be driven out if it’s fixed near Read More


Cruising Tips

The Responsibility of Being Towed

I’ve been on the wrong end of a towline twice. At the very least, being towed will ruin your afternoon. At worst, it can cause serious damage to your boat or injury to your crew. Knowing what to expect and what to do to help yourself—or to help others help you—will ensure things go safely Read More