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Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.


The Art of Organic Coasting

Coasting is less a sport than art and those who wander under sail spend a good deal of energy seeking an elusive balance of mind, body, boat, sea and subtlety that elevates it from the merely functional to a certain state of finesse. The way we address time is first among such matters. Time is bliss, time Read More


Cruising Tips

CruiserPort Returns to Newport with a “Bluewater Edition”

CruiserPort returns to the 2017 Newport International Boat Show this fall with a seminar series designed for New England mariners seeking to extend their horizons. CruiserPort University: The Bluewater Edition features a package of 11 seminars to hone the offshore skills of sailors and powerboaters alike. “New England boaters never had the substantial network of Read More

According to the Trump administration, U.S. citizens will be forbidden to spend money at facilities affiliated with the Cuban military. That would include Marina Gaviota in Varadero, about 80 miles to the east of Havana. Credit: Peter Swanson


Trump’s Cuba Policies: The Upshot for U.S. Boaters

On Friday, President Donald Trump turned back the clock on the Obama Administration’s policy of engagement with Cuba, making it more difficult for ordinary American citizens to visit. This article is designed to clarify how these changes affect boaters, to the degree possible at this early stage. From the outset, it must be pointed out Read More


Cruising Tips

Dog Boating Safety Tips

Your dog will likely enjoy being out on the open ocean as much as you will, but just like with human passengers, safety measures must be taken! 1. Create an Emergency Plan Make sure you consider an emergency plan of what you’ll do in the event that your dog falls overboard. Choose who will navigate Read More



An Interview with Pam Wall

Pam Wall is an accomplished cruising sailor and advocate for women in sailing. Pam and her family circumnavigated on the Freya 39, Kandarik, that they built themselves. She’s recently endured family tragedy, but remains as active as ever in the cruising scene and still sails Kandarik with her son, Jamie, from her home in Fort Read More

The author’s latest adventure, this time a 38ft Atkins Ketch


Lifestyle: Adventures in Boat Buying

My husband and I both love sailing, whether it’s a simple day sail or dreaming of future voyages. And when things get a little dull, or our fantasy life needs a little boost, there’s nothing like shopping for a new boat to stir things up again. Many sailors like to shop for new boats, and Read More



Voice of Experience: Inexperience on Lake Ontario

Early in the 2014 season, I had set a goal of sailing Lake Ontario aboard my MacGregor Venture 21. As the summer pressed on that goal turned into a multi-day excursion from Rochester, New York, to Wellesley Island in the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The departure date was set for September 12, as I had hoped Read More

students get ready


Scuba Training and Safety

Although there are few experiences as peaceful as gliding weightless through the water in full scuba gear, the grace and beauty of the sport belie the fact that diving has inherent risks. Fortunately, these are well understood and with proper training, there is little danger, so long as you follow the proper protocols and ensure Read More

Boréal 47


A Boréal 47 is born in Minihy-Treguier, France

A trail of broken promises leads to yet another dream fulfilled It is a very slippery slope, this business of owning sailboats. We all like to throw around the old saw about the two happiest days of our lives when buying and selling them, but the first time I ever bought one, and by that Read More