Sailboat Cruising

Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.


Cruising Tips

Cockpit Frame Mounts

A simple frame at the back of the cockpit is a handy place to mount various aerials and electronic devices. A Solar panels are more efficient if they can be rotated and angled, so that they are at right-angles to the sun’s rays. B Davits can be designed into the frame’s structure. C Wind generators Read More

In some places, it is common practice to swim or ferry the kedge cable or stern lines ashore and secure them to trees.

Cruising Tips

Sketchbook: Stern Anchoring

A Stern anchors, or kedges, are used to moor bow-to the shore. Drop the anchor three or four boatlengths out and then gently motor in using the stern line as a brake. If you run out of line, try accelerating and dragging the anchor slightly. Step ashore and make the bow fast with a couple Read More

Keep your enthusiasm in check when evaluating a used boat. Photo by Douglas Hodgkins

Cruising Tips

Buying a Used Sailboat

The hardest thing about buying a used fiberglass sailboat is keeping your head straight. With a new boat you (in theory, at least) get what you pay for, but entering the used boat market can be a bit like going through Alice’s looking glass. Is a shiny new 35-foot performance cruiser beyond your pay grade? Read More

Photo 6a & 6b. An infrared thermometer can diagnose poor connections and resistance in the circuit

Cruising Tips

How to Avoid Shore-power Problems

Cold, wet and tired, we had finally arrived in Charleston in late November, five weeks after leaving the Chesapeake. The ebb current in the Ashley River was running against the building easterly wind, and the harbor was a seething mass of waves and whitecaps. We were lucky to get a slip at all without a Read More

Illustration by Tadami Takahashi


VOE: A Faulty Heater Nearly Leads to Tragedy

I’m lucky to be here. If the companionway had been closed or 45 more minutes had passed, I would be dead. You can take every precaution, research every chart, check every forecast, but all it takes is a shift of the wind to learn quickly that you are at the mercy of the sea. This Read More



A Comet Named Elvis

Back in ancient times, long before the Interweb polluted the lives of bluewater sailors, I found myself late one winter in the Cape Verde Islands preparing for a transatlantic crossing to Antigua on Crazy Horse, my three-decades-old 35ft fiberglass yawl. I had spent the previous two months cruising the West African coast with no access Read More



Dragging Anchor in Nassau

Ba-boom, boom, boom! The report was deafening, bone-shaking, as though it came from inside of a thunder cloud. I practically jumped out of the V-berth on my Catalina 34 as she lay just south of the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. “Well, hell’s bells!” I yelled into the dark saloon. “What is Read More



Winter Reading for Sailors

Okay, I know all our readers in southern parts don’t have to stop sailing over winter, but at least us Northerners get to stoke up a warm fire and sit back for some escapist reading during these frigid evenings. Thanks to some long flights, I got a head start with a handful of new books. Read More



Hollywood Celebrities Who Love to Sail

When you hear celebrities and boats mentioned in the same sentence these days, it usually involves some movie star vacationing on a megayacht in St. Barths or sitting at anchor during the Cannes Film Festival, lazing about with a cavalcade of beautiful people. Or maybe we hear about a billionaire grabbing headlines in yachting publications Read More

As Cuba opens up to U.S.-flagged boats, Caribbean cruising patterns look set to change. Photo by Onne Van Der Wal


The Cuba-Bahamas Sailing Loop

As the United States and Cuba develop a new relationship, we are hearing voices of gloom from other Caribbean cruising destinations, including the Bahamas. They have studied the projections: once the U.S. travel ban is lifted entirely, tens of thousands of U.S. boats will surely cross the Florida Straits to Cuba. We should all rejoice Read More