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Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.

Yes, there is a way to achieve trust and harmony, even at sea


5 Basic Tenets for a Two-captain Sailboat

There is an unequivocal principle in maritime hierarchy—a ship can have only one captain. On our boat, there are two. As young cruisers, 33 and 28, sailing from Vancouver to Cabo aboard MonArk, our 1979 Dufour 35, we have learned not only how to cross bars, manage Santa Ana winds and dodge tankers, but also Read More


Cruising Tips

Sketchbook: How to Get Unstuck

A. If a quick maneuver doesn’t spin her off, try reducing the draft by heeling her over with a backed sail and shifting some weight. B. In tidal waters, though, don’t continue heeling her too long, because she might end up lying downhill. C. Feel around to get an idea of the shape of the bottom. Try wriggling Read More

It’s important to cultivate a good relationship with your boatyard

Cruising Tips

Know-How: Boatyard Navigation

If you have your boatyard help out with repairs, upgrades and routine maintenance, you can often be one of the first to launch in the spring. But you’ll quickly run aground if you don’t understand boatyard service departments and their standard operating procedures. Having both patronized and worked at boatyards, I’ve found most mix-ups involve Read More

L’Hermione’s cannon sound off as she enters the harbor.


Classic Boats get Together in France

  Photos courtesy of Simon Cohen; Alexis Courcoux; Jose Guijarro Back in 1992, when I was working at a British sailing magazine, I volunteered for some tough duty—covering the first International Festival of Sail in Brest, France. Someone had to do it, and as a wooden-boat owner, I was the magazine’s de facto classic boat Read More



Dreams Behind Every Project Boat

Certain boatyards always seem to attract would-be voyagers with large ideas, small budgets and vessels of suspect provenance. I once kept a boat in one such yard in midcoast Maine, at the back of which was a handful of bizarre project boats. Most of these never came to anything and sat idle on their jackstands Read More

Get out there and do it

Cruising Tips

Five Tips Guaranteed to Reduce your Anchoring Anxiety

The season is upon us and all manner of cruising sailors are wandering about trying to find interesting places to park their boats. Maybe you’re a novice eager to explore but are daunted by the mysterious art of securing your boat to the bottom of the sea with a curiously shaped lump of metal weighing Read More

Navigating in fog requires some skill and discretion

Cruising Tips

How to: Navigate in the Fog

Without question, fog is the biggest reason sailors cite for avoiding the Maine coast in summer, despite the fact that it is otherwise an excellent cruising ground. Although sailing in Maine can indeed be quite opaque, this need not be too disconcerting. Instead of being mindlessly fog-phobic, it is better to view fog, wherever you Read More


Cruising Tips

Sketch Book: Creating Cockpit Tables

A. Dining al fresco is one of the joys of being afloat. Eating off a cockpit table is much more civilized than eating off a plate in your lap. B. Often a simple picnic table will do the job nicely. Or a combined “table and chairs” model C. Can be used, with the legs up and Read More

Lee Quinn (right) with one of the crews that made him famous


Around the World With an All-Girl Crew

Lee Quinn always believed that women make the best shipmates Sailors of a certain vintage may remember seeing a B-movie back in the day titled I Sailed to Tahiti With an All-Girl Crew. The plot was pretty thin—two yachtsmen get into an argument about who’s a better sailor, and one bets the other he can Read More