Sailboat Cruising

Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.


Sailboat Cruising

Coastal Cruising 101

Many sailors are surprised to find how easy a bluewater passage (usually) is compared to a long coastal cruise. The variables in an offshore passage are few. Providing you’ve prepared your boat well, done your homework and are heading in the desired direction at the right time of year, you shouldn’t get any nasty surprises Read More

Coming face-to-face with a couple of unwelcome critters. Illustration by Tom Payne


Windshifts: Man or Mouse?

Belhaven is a sleepy little river town in North Carolina, first settled in the mid-1800s, and is situated where Pantego Creek empties into the Pungo River. Anchoring off the Belhaven waterfront on Pantego Creek when the conditions are right is unforgettable. Sunrises and sunsets define the town’s name, which means “beautiful harbor.” But when the Read More


Cruising Tips

An Awning Rain Catcher

When the boat’s cabin gets uncomfortably warm beneath the tropical sun, rigging a large deck awning is like parking in the shade all day—the temperature belowdecks can drop 10 degrees or more. Add a little breeze through the hatches or a couple of 12 volt fans, and it gets downright comfortable, even in mid-summer near Read More

The soft shackle is very strong

Cruising Tips

Cruising Tips: a “Soft Cleat”

  As with many older boats, our project Norlin 34 has no cleats amidships for spring lines. I’ve often felt the lack of them when coming alongside a dock or leaving the boat in a slip—making spring lines fast to winches or genoa sheet cars isn’t ideal, and securing them to stanchion posts is a Read More



Sailing Industry Icon Passes Away William “Bill” Mosher – 1948 – 2015

Milwaukee, WI – Longtime sailing industry professional, William Mosher, unexpectedly passed away July 3rd due to complications from sleep apnea. A passionate boater, Bill became a beloved figure within the marine industry during his lifetime. He held several high-profile positions within the industry and became a true icon through his dedication and generosity to the Read More


Sailboat Cruising

Sailing Innovations: Flying Cat

Foiling is now such a part of the sailing culture it’s hard to believe it has been less than three years since Team New Zealand coaxed its mighty AC72 catamaran into the air. It was only a matter of time before foiling technology was adapted to cruising multihull design, and sure enough the first cruising Read More

The author (sitting at front) enjoying a day of racing with friends


Two Sailors Growing and Learning Through the Joy of Sailing

It was our first time sailing any distance in the dark. We were taking Renegade, our 37ft Hunter Legend, to Shilshole Bay Marina in Seattle, Washington, in preparation for a race the following morning. Ahead of us there were two bridges and the Ballard Locks to get through. As we neared the Fremont Bridge we Read More