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Whether you’re looking for insights into the best cruising grounds of the East Coast, West Coast, Caribbean or Great Lakes, or the latest in tips and techniques for doing everything aboard from set the anchor to fix your engine, recover a man-overboard victim or trim your sails, our editors and contributors have the answers.

It might be a cold day on the water, but the fruits of labor are clear


Crabbing from a Sailboat

Once again, January finds me jobless. I’ve developed ways of coping with this. I read, fix things, take long walks and take to the water. What I hadn’t developed—until now—is a way to beat the guilt of not spending every waking moment looking for a new job. Like the writer and sailing enthusiast Hillaire Belloc, Read More

Cruising Tips

Sailing with Safety in Mind

From the moment my father first put me in a sailboat he told me that safety and seamanship come first, above all else. He served in the Coast Guard in the North Atlantic during World War II and knew why these things are important. Later, when I went sailing with his wartime crew, every one Read More

Safe and sound: the Baltic 56 Spirit V closes in on the finish in Colombia after a successful first leg in the 2016 World ARC.


The Importance of Good Bluewater Route Planning

On the one hand, timing is said to be everything. On the other, anyone in real estate will tell you the thing that really matters is location, location, location. When it comes to passagemaking, though, it’s not one or the other, it’s both. Making a passage from, say, Bermuda to the U.S. Virgin Islands, in February, Read More

The birthplace of modern marine insurance: the inside of Edward Lloyd’s famous coffee house

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Buying Bluewater Insurance

Marine insurance, of course, is how the whole concept of insurance first got started. Hedging against the potential loss of a vessel and its cargo is a financial game that dates back to the ancient Greeks and was institutionalized in its modern form in the 17th century in Edward Lloyd’s famous coffee house in London, Read More


Cruising Tips

VOE: Lessons About Ground Tackle From a Rogue Storm

The weather forecasts unanimously agreed. The cold front that had just passed through would end with a whimper, the winds veering and dropping from 25 knots to 15. They already were. Perfect. I popped open a cold one to toast another laid-back Exumas sunset. That’s when I spotted the cloud. It seemed to suddenly just Read More


Cruising Tips

The 10 Commandments of Successful Coastal Cruising

1: This is my plan, and behold, it is flexible All successful coastal cruises start with a plan. The trouble is, most of us who have managed well enough in life’s battles to be able to own or charter a cruising sailboat have developed a tendency to feel goals must be achieved, regardless. This may Read More


Sailboat Cruising

Exclusive: U.S. Approves Boat Insurance for Cuba Travel

Common sense has finally prevailed. Pantaenius, a U.S. marine insurer, told us yesterday that it will be offering coverage for American boats traveling in Cuban waters. This eliminates a major barrier to cruising and fishing Cuba. Ten months ago, the division of the U.S. Treasury Department that regulates interactions with Cuba under the U.S. Embargo Read More

The author’s boat was named Star Cruiser before he renamed her Lunacy. It seemed a good idea at the time!


Waterlines: Appellation Controlée

Naming a boat properly can be harder than you think A rose is a rose, it is said, and smells just as sweet by any other name. If only it were true of boats! In fact, it seems all too many boats these days have perfectly horrible names. This can be very dangerous, in that Read More