Cruising Tips - Safety

by Sail Staff, Posted March 27, 2006
Karate corner (March 2006)

Good communication between people on the bow and helm is very important when coming into a crowded anchorage or harbor. My wife and I used a system of hand signals for many years, and communications had been pretty successful other than the occasional confusing moment—for example, are your fingers pointing because that’s the direction to steer or because

Cruising Tips

Cruising Tips - March 2006

by Sail Staff, Posted March 23, 2006
This month: "talking" with signals; using signal mirrors; great-circle for GPS.


Signal AdvantageIf you have an on-the-water emergency during the day, keep in mind that a mirror is a very effective signaling device. If the weather is clear and there is sunlight, the reflection from a mirror can be seen up to 100 miles away. While it does need sun, a


View from the Helm

by Sail Staff, Posted March 21, 2006
If you've paid attention at all, you know that US Sailing is restructuring. The national governing body of the sport (encouraged by the International Olympic Committee) has been reorganized so that the new Board of Directors is much smaller than the old and, in theory, will be more effective. US Sailing President Janet Baxter describes it as, "A a very big deal to those of us going through it,

Spring Commissioning: The Diesel

by Sail Staff, Posted March 21, 2006
Most of us sailor types would rather fuss over the rigging and the sails than service that big chunk of metal in the engine room, but it's also the case that most of us turn to the diesel in times of need, and any engine will have its time of need. Spring commissioning is such a time. It's also true for the outboard. Here is how to be your engine's best friend, and it comes with a tip: As you go

Hybrid Power Keeps Going

by Joseph Huberman, Posted March 20, 2006
The diesel-electric hybrid as an auxiliary power source for sailboats has moved from the laboratory into the water. Though still in early development, it has advantages including fuel efficiency, ease of handling, responsive motor control, low sound levels, immediate-use capability, and, on some systems, power regeneration.

I have a Solomon Technologies motor and a Glacier

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