More Daysailers

by Sail Staff, Posted March 23, 2005
In "Daysailers to Die For" (April SAIL), SAIL editors celebrate small-boat sailing by taking a close look at the expanding daysailer market. We sailed eleven great small boats: Alerion Express 28, Aeries Pond 18 Daysailer, Bongo, Harbor 20, Hunter 216, JS 9000, Melonseed, Norse Boat 17.5, Pisces 21, Tofinou, and Vanguard Nomad.

The following is an extended list of daysailers in the popular


Dueling Rules

by Sail Staff, Posted March 18, 2005
Yes, IRC how has a firm footing in the U.S., but don't think you've heard the last of Americap. This home-grown, mid-level rule's proponents argue that it was making slow, steady progress even without effective marketing on the part of US Sailing, and they have formed a nonprofit they hope will take over development, promotion, and race management training.

Administration stays with US


The Luckiest Sailor in the World?

by Sail Staff, Posted March 10, 2005
Is Tony Bullimore the luckiest man in sailing? It will take another 10,000 miles to find out.

When four boats left Doha, Qatar on February 5, racing around the world for prize money in the Oryx Quest, Bullimore's catamaran Daedalus was the odd duck of the fleet. The boat was once-fast, along about 13 years and umpteen name changes ago, when it was known as ENZA. It's still


Building Your Fleet

by Sail Staff, Posted March 1, 2005
In the Racecourse section of the March issue we talk about some of the things that clubs and fleets have done to build participation. Things like Richmond Yacht Club's Sail A Small Boat Day on San Francisco Bay or the steps taken to revitalize the Islander 36 fleet.

Here's more on the subject, and let's take Islanders first. They succeeded in cranking up

Boat Reviews

Dufour 385

by Sail Staff, Posted February 28, 2005

Ever since Dufour Yachts was purchased by Cantiere del Padro several years ago, older Dufour designs have been systematically replaced with newer, more stylish models. Italian designer Umberto Felci first drew new 34-, 40-, and 44-foot performance cruisers, and now he's turned his eye to a new 38-footer that is the first in Dufour's revamped cruising line. The

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