Juan Fast Tractor

by Sail Staff, Posted May 6, 2007

By Kimball Livingston
(the pics too)


Wanna have fun? Go talk to Juan K about Volvo boats, running a design office, and of course this boat race that's happening in Valencia. Listen to him talk about "doing Formula One on a tractor," and mobile Cup teams, and be sure to check out the 128-cpu computer that arrived last November and


The Other Oracle

by Sail Staff, Posted April 29, 2007

By Kimball Livingston


Malin Burnham is a man I trust, and not only because he wears his Top Siders without socks, proper-like. If he's willing to talk about changes at the America's Cup (Cup in Dubai?) or about the good reasons for retaining the America's Cup Class, or the prospects for and meaning of a US win in America's Cup 32, I'm ready to listen. No


The Shosholoza Meteor, the BMW Oracle Freight Train

by Sail Staff, Posted April 24, 2007
By Kimball Livingston

Ninety seconds into the matchup between New Zealand and Areva, I could look up the racecourse and say, I want that boat. NZL 92. Same story in the BMW Oracle walkover of Victory Challenge. Then came Shosholoza's upset win over Luna Rossa and BMW Oracle's razor-thin win over that same frustrated Italian team and some of the weariness of day after day of

Inshore Racing

Learning to fly

by David Schmidt, Posted April 23, 2007
The emergence of the Foiler Moth has been one of sailing’s most pyrotechnic developments. The Moth is a development class which by definition, means that it’s capable of true innovation, such as hydrofoiling at speeds up to 27.9 knots. It was only recently that Foiler Moths—the Bladerider, the Prowler, the Mistress, and the Hungry Tiger—became commercially

Rebooting the LVC

by Sail Staff, Posted April 22, 2007
You don't have to be sitting in the back room to know that the challengers are at odds with event management over how to "fix" the series to compensate for weather delays that have thoroughly destroyed the schedule. In a Saturday night meeting of 10 of the 11 America's Cup challengers—+39 was absent, whatever that means—some of the rescheduling decisions of event management were
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