One-Point Foils vs. Directionals

by Sail Staff, Posted July 28, 2007
July 29, 2007By Kimball Livingston

Air. It's not just for breathing, anymore.

With the America's Cup descending from superlative to squabble and my deck shoes only days removed from the streets of Valencia, I seriously needed an energy infusion, and I seriously got it by showing up for some kite racing on San Francisco Bay. Do you feel the need for big air?



20 Miles Around... Newport, R.I.

by Sail Staff, Posted July 20, 2007
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Ballards Beach, Block Island (24 miles)This is where to go to see and be seen. Ballard’s Inn serves sushi, barbecue, and drinks on the waterfront and the beach party atmosphere attracts a young, hip crowd. Anchor out and swim in to enjoy the scene, you’re guaranteed a great


SAIL Photo Contest - Page 2

by Sail Staff, Posted July 17, 2007


Gear and Reviews

New Gear - July 2007

by Sail Staff, Posted July 13, 2007

Edited by David Schmidt

Safe HavenIt’s not easy to find the right sea bag. If it’s too big, you’ll inevitably fill it; if it’s too small for all your gear, you can look forward to cold, miserable night watches. Harken’s new Waterproof Duffel bag can hold everything you need for a multiday trip and is small enough to double as a daysailing tote. The fabric is


SAIL's editor in Spain received the following announcement on the morning of July 12. Are we ready for some rough and tumble, AC style?


San Francisco's Golden Gate Yacht Club Challenges for 33rd America's Cup

The Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) of San Francisco today presented a formal challenge for the 33rd America's Cup to the Socit Nautique Genve (SNG), defending

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