by David Schmidt, Posted May 8, 2008
“Ooohhh, is that a Rambler shirt?”

It was a female sailor cooing to the rest of her all-female crew at Antigua Sailing Week as I walked past their charter boat at Jolley Harbor. Tempting but—

I glued my eyes to the dock and kept right on walking, pretending that I hadn’t heard her comment. Not only am I happily married, I’m also a sailing journalist

Ocean Racing

The Named

by David Schmidt, Posted May 8, 2008

One of the closest-guarded secrets in American sailing circles has been the who’s-who roster for Puma Ocean Racing, Ken Read’s Puma-sponsored Volvo Open 70 team, the only U.S.-flagged entrant in the 2008/2009 Volvo Ocean Race. Many big names tried out for these 11 coveted spots, and Read has joked about receiving “death threats” from certain veteran ocean racers, should he pass them over for


Brady Wins Congressional Cup

by Sail Staff, Posted May 5, 2008
LONG BEACH, California
Gavin Brady over the weekend joined a small, elite club of match racing sailors with a common problem: what to do with all of those Crimson Blazers in their closets.

Only Rod Davis and Peter Holmberg also own four of the traditional winner's wardrobe in Long Beach Yacht Club's Congressional Cup presented by Acura, now counting 44 years of consecutive


Drag Device Data Base

by Sail Staff, Posted April 26, 2008
Victor Shane's must-read compendium of first-hand experiences is the real thing, an eye-opening read in storm tactics and drag devices, successes and failures alike.

In compiling as many firsthand experiences as he can get his hands on
— firsthand experiences only — Shane reminds us that there is no laboratory for testing storm tactics. We are forced to fall back upon


When You Feel the Need for Slow

by Sail Staff, Posted April 26, 2008
                                                                                               By Kimball Livingston

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