The Racers' Trailing Edge

by Sail Staff, Posted April 26, 2008
                                                                                               By Kimball Livingston

Take the


Fred Roswold Comments on Drogues and Sea Anchors

by Sail Staff, Posted April 25, 2008
I have not used and we do not carry either a drogue or sea anchor. This is not that we are opposed to these devices, it is just that when we started out cruising we didn't know what we wanted, we didn't have a budget for everything, and 'these were not high priority. Plus, there is a storage issue; we don't carry anything on deck or on the cabin sole and all the below deck lockers were full. For

"Commodore" Tompkins on Going Slow

by Sail Staff, Posted April 25, 2008



Regarding sea anchors:Sea anchors have gained a rather negative image for many, many generations. Before the advent of high tensile, light weight and rot resistent materials, sea anchors were almost impossible to carry, deploy, and retrieve. Worse perhaps, their difficulties caused them to be too small for the job when finally needed.

In my opinion, a sound


Wanted: Online Editor

by Sail Staff, Posted April 25, 2008
The online editor will have overall responsibility for SAIL's online content. Duties will include:
  • Spearhead the migration of SAIL's existing website into the new platform
  • Work with other editors to generate content and post content online
  • Compile, edit, and launch monthly eNewsletter; track newsletter metrics
  • Update websites on a daily and ongoing basis


Alinghi: Ready to Build?

by Sail Staff, Posted April 25, 2008
In Valencia, Spain, site of its celebrated defense of the 32nd America's Cup, Defender Alinghi today stated it is preparing to build a multihull for a Deed of Gift Match for the 33rd America's Cup. Alinghi also announced its 2008 sailing program, with a focus on multihull racing, and announced new team members.

Here is part of what was said:

"Today we have a way forward: Ernesto

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