Boom Time

by Sail Staff, Posted August 21, 2008

"Yachts shall comply with the US SAILING recommendations of OSR 5.11, Preventer or Boom Restraining Device. The boom-restraining device shall be installed and demonstrated at the time of the yacht's mandatory courtesy inspection. A process and plan for its use shall be part of the crew's training and practice."

This paragraph, from the Notice of Race; Special Requirements for the


Chain Messenger

by Ann Hoffner, Posted August 21, 2008
A handy technique for rereeving lost halyardsBy Ann Hoffner

With our Peterson 44, Oddly Enough, snug in a slip in Darwin, Australia, we stripped the gear off her deck before flying home for an extended visit. I bought three small bales of light polypropylene line and rigged messenger lines so I could rereeve the halyards when we returned. But I was distracted by the


Kjell Welde photo contest

by Sail Staff, Posted August 21, 2008

Expert Advice

Charter Cats

by Amy Ullrich, Posted August 20, 2008
Thanks to the unusual nature of my job—I give thanks frequently—I’ve sailed on a lot of charterboats with (often) people I’d never met before in (sometimes) unusual weather patterns. It’s not unusual, however, that many of these boats have been catamarans, given the proliferation of cats in charter fleets worldwide. So I can claim a certain authority in saying that, in many circumstances in

School's In For Winter

by Sail Staff, Posted August 20, 2008

Sextants and SunshineSome sailors detest chart work; they think it unnecessary nonsense. I enjoy plotting courses the old-fashioned way and making landfalls at new anchorages. Lured by visions of Tahiti’s legendary lagoons and a 100-mile passage through the South Pacific, I signed up for Modern Sailing Academy’s 10-day trip aboard a Beneteau Oceanis 473, which offered an optional

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